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[15 Jan 2007|12:35pm]
remember the rules

but mainly just remember to comment+credit bttrflygraphics and no hotlinking

|01-02|>> banners (Milo Ventimiglia)

here at bttrflygraphics
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The Rules for bttrflygraphics [17 Dec 2006|07:46pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]

Comment if you like anything or to specify what you're taking
Credit to bttrflygraphics
Save and upload to your own server. I'm partial to Photobucket
Textless are not bases
Do not post anywhere else
Do not edit

Myspace Rules:
You must comment and link back to this journal using the code below on your profile. The end.

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Hey Guys! [29 Nov 2006|01:35am]
Everything once in this journal has been moved to a community that is members only. If you want access you should join, it's mine and I'll be posting new icons very soon!

bonus points if you promote me.
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